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I first met John when I was selected to act as co-chair for our building stewardship campaign.  At the time I had been a member of St. Andrews for less than a year, was honored to be asked to serve in this capacity, and worried how the “new, old guy” would lead an effort to raise funds in a congregation predominantly composed of young families with small children.  John’s approach to this conundrum was very simple and effective; he explained the role and then asked me to “pray about it.”   Within a week I contacted John and accepted the calling.  This first encounter was indicative of John’s very effective methodology I observed many times throughout the campaign whereby everything is well organized, evaluated, and planned…then turned over to God to act as the catalyst for execution.

I have a significant business background and have created and led many high performance teams in my career.  Based on this, you can image how I felt when I received; ‘another consultants binder on how to get the job done.’ Quickly I realized this was different and something special. I watched John masterfully guide our group to an understanding of the process, train us along the way, and at the appropriate time, step aside, allowing each member of the Steering Team to accomplish the goal in their own unique way.  While he empowered each team member to lead their project segment, he was always available to provide coaching, counseling, and collaboration, assuring we were never alone.  What a refreshing approach, a coach rather than a supervisor.  His approach is personal, faith based, and effective.

In summary, I highly recommend John Laster.  He provided my congregation with the tools, training, and consultation that resulted in our campaign exceeding a goal to raise $450,000…not bad for a young church with young families in a tough economy.

Mark Faris
Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairman
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Mt. Airy, Maryland
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