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Cross in the sun We are committed to empowering church leaders toward more effective ministry. We train innovative leaders with a passion to grow disciples of Christ, and provide resources, services, and networks to equip faithful and effective Christian ministries.

Our link with a national network of seasoned consultants puts decades of practical experience to work in your congregation. We help you find workable strategies for your congregation's challenges and opportunities.

As a pastor working on a vision and building campaign for the first time in his career I had a lot of apprehension and uncertainty about the process, and about making the campaign successful. Most importantly, I wanted to communicate to the church the vision God had given us and how the campaign would address that vision. Enter John Laster of Horizons Stewardship. John brought a great sense of stability to the process for myself and for the whole campaign steering team. It was obvious he had done this before, yet he helped us discover how to best do it for ourselves – no cookie cutter program forced upon us! Horizons helped us develop our process using their framework. The result was a commitment of pledges exceeding our expectations. We were greatly blessed by Horizons work, and the good news for us is that they continue to work with us even beyond the initial commitment. I thank God for Horizons and John Laster.

Mike Lindstrom
Senior Pastor
Asbury United Methodist Church
Pasadena, Texas
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