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BookPastors and church leaders will find helpful, practical tools for moving your leadership team forward. Topics dealt with include leadership spirituality, team role clarity, visionary boards, trust, team credibility, team training, and ideas for more effective pastoral search processes.

From the Forward by Bill Easum: 
"John Laster is a practitioner who has spent his life in the trenches developing leadership teams in churches. This book is the result of those years of effective ministry. This book screams out some of the best wisdom on teams to be found anywhere.  John’s book is not just another book on leadership teams- it is a life-tested field guide to the future of your church. The “field briefings” and “field exercises” aren’t dreamed up; John has field tested them over many years. The advice isn’t from an arm chair academic, or consultant; John has been living this book for more than two decades."

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