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What is the current trajectory of your congregation?
Decisions your leaders are making this year implicate the trajectory of your church for decades to come. It used to be that the future of a congregation was largely defined by who they used to be in the past or by the denomination to which they belonged.
Today's vibrant congregations are different because their leaders are thinking and functioning differently. These new leaders are...
•  More interested in being faithful than comfortable...
•  Directed and fueled by their mission, vision, values and beliefs...
•  Committed to releasing and equipping people to become all that God has created them to be...
•  Developing organic teams rather than propping up committees...
•  Committed to investing themselves in mentoring emerging leaders...
Congregations transitioning in this direction frequently make decisive steps forward when working with a consultant. They find help in charting a clear course into the future, discover paths through roadblocks toward increasing health, and tools and ideas for a brighter tomorrow.
On-site Exploration Meeting
You can schedule John for an evening meeting with your staff or leadership team to explore the possibilities for team building, leadership coaching, or congregational consultation. Your only cost will be for travel related expenses. In preparation for this time together, John gathers input from your leaders through a brief "Leadership Perceptions" tool. At your on-site meeting John explores your needs, answers your questions and shares insights and live issues for your team and congregation surfaced through the leadership input. Contact John to schedule your on-site meeting.
Creative Church Coaching offers several consultation options:
Discovering Tomorrow
This diagnostic-based coaching framework is a transformational process often referred to as a "revival." One church leader declared that "Last week stands out in my memory as the best five consecutive days that I have experienced during my 44 years here - a spirit, enthusiasm and hope that felt so good."

The process is helpful for any congregation seeking to strategically position themselves to better navigate transitions and steward the opportunity God is sending. It is especially helpful for congregations of all sizes that are stuck or needing to refocus to better seize new opportunities. The consultation involves extensive pre-work, between six and eight days on your site (depending on the congregation's size and situation), and includes follow-up coaching, a comprehensive written report on our findings and recommendations. The process is available to individual congregations, or to clusters of two to four congregations that may wish to leverage the expense and shared learning.

The Discovering Tomorrow  Process
• Listens carefully to leaders and members, discovering their perspectives on the present, and their hopes and dreams for the future
• Analyzes trends and demographic data of the congregation and ministry area
• Coaches leadership teams to set priorities, and develop a practical action plan blueprint
• Discovers the church’s hidden strengths and opportunities
• Generates energy and excitement as people connect with new possibilities
• Provides the church with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations
• Links church leaders with follow-up coaching—at no additional cost—guiding them toward transformational results

Read some comments from church leaders regarding their experience with the Discovering Tomorrow consulting process.
Cluster Consultation
Two or more congregations in an area can cluster together to bring the benefits of the Discovering Tomorrow consultation process to their churches. Clustering allows congregations to share the expense of the intervention, making this process of renewal within reach of every congregation.
Coaching on Specific Issues
Working with a coach on specific needs and issues bring increasing health to your congregation. A variety of issues related to Leadership and Ministry Development can be customized for your leadership team, congregation or a group of area congregations. John Laster challenges and coaches leaders toward a new tomorrow. [More details on Coaching]

Coaching Clinic
Bring in-depth tools and ideas to challenges you are facing in your congregation. A Coaching Clinic is a hybrid alternative to an onsite consultation, enabling teams from a small group of congregations to gather together with one or two coaches to address specific issues from their individual congregations. [More details on Coaching Clinics]
Complete, detailed proposals for events, leadership coaching or congregational intervention are available following an initial conversation. For more details about how Creative Church Coaching can help you, contact John Laster: