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discovering tomorrow
Discovering Tomorrow
Discovering Tomorrow is a transformational experience sometimes referred to as a "revival." It is comprehensive diagnostic-based assessment of eleven characteristics implicating the health and vitality of a local congregation.  One church leader declared that "Last week stands out in my memory as the best five consecutive days that I have experienced during my 44 years here - a spirit, enthusiasm and hope that felt so good."

Discovering Tomorrow is a coach-guided process analyzing the major systems and processes in a congregation. John's experience coaching over 100 congregations and Christian organizations brings a rare depth of perspective and insight to bear on your congregations's challenges. There is hope for your future; the key is finding practical steps forward.

The Discovering process is helpful for congregations seeking to strategically position themselves to better navigate transitions and steward the opportunity God is sending. It is especially helpful for congregations of all sizes that are stuck or needing to refocus to better seize new opportunities. The Discovering process involves extensive pre-work, between eight and fifteen days on your site (depending on the congregation's size and situation) over a period of three to six months. The bottom line is that we want to see positive momentum generated out of the process. Discovering Tomorrow is available to individual congregations, or to clusters of two to four congregations that may wish to leverage the expense and shared learning.

The Discovering Tomorrow  Process
• Explores eleven different systems and processes vital to congregational health:
  1. Congregational Climate
  2. Leadership
  3. Directional DNA
  4. Spiritual Formation
  5. Worship
  6. On-boarding System
  7. Membership Mobilization
  8. Missional Opportunities
  9. Staffing
  10. Facilities
  11. Finances and Stewardship
• Listens carefully to leaders and members, discovering their perspectives on the present, and their hopes and dreams for the future
• Analyzes trends and demographic data of the congregation and ministry area
• Discovers the church’s hidden strengths and opportunities
• Coaches leadership teams to set priorities, and develop a practical action plan blueprint
• Generates energy and excitement as people connect with new possibilities
• Provides the church with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations
• Links church leaders with follow-up coaching—at no additional cost—guiding them toward transformational results

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