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The single most significant internal barrier most congregations face is found within their Leadership Team; the staff and key lay leaders.  One of the best ways to jumpstart leadership traction is to spend some "time away" from normal routines focusing on your issues and your team. Often, retreats can be piggy-backed onto other travel that John has, significantly reducing your costs. 

John is an experienced facilitator who can help your congregation by helping your leaders. Retreats or leadership training can focus on a wide variety of issues, including; Team-building, Team Effectiveness, Vision and Strategy Development, Stewardship Development, Communication, Role Confusion, and Navigating Beyond Conflict or Stuckness.

A number of leadership teams have found it helpful to spend focused time in a retreat setting exploring the dynamics and implications of topics John raises in his book, Gaining Traction.

Contact John with no obligations, to explore how he can help your leaders address your challenges and opportunities;